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Need bot for Flyff....

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1 Need bot for Flyff.... on Thu Jun 19, 2008 3:11 am


Hey everyone,

I am releasing a bot program made to automate the collecting process in Flyff.

The program will change the battery and start collecting when run and every 33 minutes after (Flyff's timer is off a bit).
This program is not a standalone application but instead it is contained in a DLL that is injected into flyff.
At the moment, this bot is made to work for Flyff in windowed mode with the resolution 1024x768 only.(Because the mouse coordinates change when you make it bigger...). If you need it configured for other sizes, please ask me and i'll be glad to help you. This program also has a auto-pet feeder so you can level your pets while you collect!

For your convenience, I have added a configuration menu that can be accessed by pushing F11 which allows you to customize which F keys are used. Just change any settings you need and close the window to save them.

To use the auto-collector:
First, download the RAR containing the 2 DLL's and the EXE file and put them into one directory.
Next, open Flyff and get to a collecting area with a collector equip.
Then, run CollectorBot.exe. It should be open for a very short time then close. This has injected the DLL into Flyff.
After that, move the collection window to the top-left of the screen. (The one with your battery life and the start/stop button).
The last step before you can run the program is to set batteries to the F key that you set in the configuration window, which is opened by pushing F11.

Once you have all that set-up just hit the F12 key to start the bot!

To use the auto-pet feeder:
First, open Flyff and log into the game.
Then, run CollectorBot.exe.
Next, open the configuration menu (F11) and change the F keys or amount of times to feed if needed.
Then, set your pet and pet food to their configured F keys.
After that, spawn your pet.

Once that is all complete, simply hold ALT and hit F12 (don't forget to hold ALT or you will run the auto-collector!). Also note, once the DLL is injected it doesn't need to be injected again to run the other bot.

The auto pet feeder feeds your pet 31 pet feed every minute for as many times at set in the configuration menu.

The auto-pet feeder and auto-collector can be run separately or together; just activate/deactivate them as needed.

Also note that you need the .NET framework 3.5 or higher to run!


rapidshare.com FlyffCollectorBot.rar.html


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